My client’s succes is my success. See what my clients have to say!

Samantha R.
R.U.S.H. Studio (small group training)
I’ve been doing RUSH classes with Jason 3-4 times a week for the past 5 months, and I’ve never been stronger in my life!  I can do quality pushups now, workout with heavy sandbells, use the suspension trainers with confidence, and feel like I’m kicking ass – the workouts are SO empowering, fun, and effective.  The classes are really small, so you really get individual attention.  It’s like personal training at a much lower price, and with the bonus of group cameraderie.  Jason strikes a great balance between pushing his clients to work their hardest and suggesting modifications when needed to make sure everyone is safe and avoiding injury.
Faith S.
Personal Training (in-home and private gym)
Jason is a great trainer. I have been working out with him for over a year now. He really knows how to create workouts that are effective that do not take hours. I am much stronger and in shape than when I started. He always switches things up so you never get bored.
Alessia A.
R.U.S.H. Studio (small group training)
Jason is such a great trainer. He’s not intimidating but knows how to keep you focused and motivated. Since it’s his own gym, I feel like he cares so much more than other trainers who work for big name gyms. classes are fun and always different.
Thomas W.
Personal Training
I have trained with Jason since September 2011. Jason quickly identified my strengths and my weak points. Jason has designed a training program that has made it possible to achieve my goals and consistently pushes me to prove to myself that I can exceed my expectations.
Jaclyn H.
R.U.S.H. Studio (small group training)
I am officially obsessed with this studio.  I tend to get bored quickly when doing slower classes or just running on the treadmill so I bought an unlimited package here for something different- no regrets.

Jason is an amazing trainer and knows what is best for each individual person.  He caters each move to a skill level and helps you progress really well.  So many class out there are just gimmicks but this is actually something worth going to.  You will see amazing results and he makes it fun, so time flies while working out.  Also, he will give you diet advice and tell you what you should and shouldn’t do post workout.

Highly recommend you testing out this studio!!!!!

Nicholle H.
Personal Training (in-home and private studio)
I’m in a smaller size, I have increased energy, I’m physically stronger, and I have muscles where there were none. I will never go back to my old ways, old attitude or old body. I love me all over again. Thanks Jason, you’ve been a blessing in disguise and I thank God for you
Jennifer S.
R.U.S.H. Studio (small group training)
I’ve worked out at almost every major gym in the city in the last 10 years, and they’re overcrowded, dirty, or class times are inconvenient.  I am also not a person who is very self motivated so this has been great for me.  The semi-private classes are a perfect size – small enough to get personalized attention while feeding off the energy of others or Jason himself.  He keeps it challenging and I am never bored.  He/the classes push me yet I never feel like I’m lost or am going to hurt myself.  I have seen a difference in my body after only 4 classes.   I highly recommend trying it!
Bridgette J.
Personal Training (in-home)
I’m now 167 lbs., loss from a size 16/18 to a true 10, and I am still going! It isn’t just the drop in numbers that has inspired me to continue on my journey, but the overall way I feel. After 8 months of training with Jason I am in the best shape of my life and I feel healthier than ever!”[/
Jessica P.
Personal Training (private gym)
I could not do a pushup when I started training with Jason. Now I feel in shape for the first time in my life. Never boring, always challenging, and utterly original his routines are great for beginners or seasoned athletes. No matter your fitness level or goal, he will cater workouts to your needs.
Rohan D.
R.U.S.H. Studio (small group training)
Jason does a great job getting everyone to fatigue however not to the point where you can’t go about your day after. I love the metabolic circuit–however he’s got all sorts of classes depending on workout capabilities. He’s very good at getting you to a reach your highest potential from a fitness standpoint–highly recommended!
Shaina G.
R.U.S.H. Studio (small group training and personal training)
I have done workouts all over the city and I really like RUSH. The workouts are always different and I realized that I don’t need to run back and forth from a stair master or raise a barbell over my head to get the best bang for my buck. Not that those aren’t really great workouts, but RUSH workouts manage to be challenging without being masochistic and are still efficient, which I can tell because after nine sessions I can see the difference in my arms, waist and abs. I highly recommend it!
Randee B.
R.U.S.H. Studio (small group training)
I really enjoyed this fitness program.  It has a fundamental way of incorporating all of your body parts into a concise work out.  The instructor, Jay is very personable and pays attention to each and every student with dedicated instruction.  This is a class you can not do on your own and sets itself aside as a unique work out.  Try it, you will be sore but you will be fit and toned!!!
Michelle L.
R.U.S.H. Studio (small group training and personal training)
Jason is a great trainer!  Workouts are challenging and ever evolving.  Your muscles will never adjust to the workouts which is a good thing. You definitely maximize your workouts for short amount of time.